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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

PC Jon Henry

I was going to post something else today but the news of Jon Henry's death throws into perspective some of the trivial gripes that get trotted out across the Plod-Blogsphere. Naturally my thoughts are with Jon's family, friends and colleagues at this time. But also spare a thought for those who are required to work within the investigation who would have worked along side Jon day to day and will have to uphold their professionalism under close scrutiny as well as maintaining their own emotions and anger.


Girl*Next*Door said...

Busy then anon? You seem to have polluted most blogs with your sensess talk, shame you have nothing better to do than slag off those that are there to protect you. A man you are not, whereas PC Jonathan Henry & those that have served & lost their lives in the line of duty are. As are those that are serving & ex police oficers, they go a job you could not dream of doing, simply because you don't have the balls or backbone.

Excellent post CSI, you raise a really good point re his colleagues, it's going to be a tough job for them. May he rest in peace & thoughts as always are with his family, colleagues & friends.

CSI:UK said...

Anon, your english is terrible, come back when you can write a coherent sentence.

I will not rise to your pathetic attempts to incite anger and ill feelings. If you want to have an intelligent discussion about the merits of modern day policing then please fell free to use the comments section of my Blog (or write your own I will happily read it.) Until that time please refrain from posting your hyperbolic drivel.

PC South West said...

There will always be someone with little intelligence and absolutely no decency who want to take a cheap shot at a the police.
My advice is to delete the comments made by the cowardly neanderthal slime.

Ing said...


Know what PIG stands for?

Pride. Guts & intelligence.

But hey, anon, abuse as all you want.

There'll come a day when you need us.

And then what will you say to us, when you really, really need us.

When you get bottled down the pub.

When your place gets burgled.

When you've wrapped your car around the centeral reservation.

Protect the public?


Including you.


Because that's what we do.

CSI:UK said...

Just to add a little context to the above comments, I have deleted entries posted by an anonymous contributor as he was getting far too much attention to his ridiculous and offensive comments.

I will not have that sort of disrespect on my blog, I am all for free speech and opinions but only when presented intelligently and in a way that promotes discussion.

Any further posts from this person will be deleted.

Anonymous said...


CSI:UK said...

Cop Killer by Ice-T anon? How very original, don't try and school me on Rap/Rock music Crossovers. I saw him Perform that track live with Body Count in the early nineties, so your not going offend me that easily.

I'm gonna let you keep this comment as it has reminded me to fish out some of my Gansta rap albums..... Booooyyyy!

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Shea Kang said...

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