If you are looking for Glamour, Gadgets and Grissom you won't find them here. Forget what you think you know about 'Forensics', these are the tales of one man and his brush. Of course these views do not represent the views of any Police Force or indeed reflect any Force Policies ya da ya.

Monday, 22 June 2009


Given the current climate on the Police blogging world, the fact I have a mortgage, a Xbox 360 addiction and the overwhelming need to keep my job, I have decided to cease blogging on the world of CSI.

Unlike some other Police blogs my intention was never to criticise the way modern Police Forces are run, it's more informative whimsy than rebellious expose. I was merely trying to give people an insight into a great job and dispel a few myths generated by popular TV shows.

Unfortunately my anonymity is no longer guaranteed, also I'm sure that some of my previous posts could be construed as misconduct or disrepute if you looked closely as the wording of some force policies. To sum up it's not worth the risk.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who visited regularly and contributed their opinions, this blog will be deleted in a week.