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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Night of the Not Living dead.

Contrary to popular belief, crime scene work isn't all dead bodies, I usually deal with one or two every couple of months. They are usually Suicides or just Sudden Deaths (where an officer has panicked and insists on photos etc.) rather than a more sinister tale of murder and clever cover ups.

A bit like buses though, you wait ages for one and three turn up at once! On a Late shift I got called to a scene by Officers investigating a nasty smell from a particular flat of a person not seen for weeks. Upon entry the unfortunate chap had died and had been there for a few weeks, we don't usually attend if it is believed the death is of natural causes but because of the decomposition the officers wanted photos. Personally I think he just wanted me to check him for obvious injuries and he was too scared go near him.

No sooner had I finished with my photos than I get another call, another decomposed body at a different block of flats, CID were being called to this one as the Officers and supervision were suspicious because a coat had been draped over the body. Turns out he had pneumonia and he was trying to keep warm. When I finished with this body, the Officer said 'Are you going to the other one on the 3rd floor?', 'Other What?'' came my reply. 'Body, there is a Suicide down on the third floor, just been called in.'

What are the chances of that then?, 3 Bodies in one night is rare let alone two in the same block of flats. I know what you're thinking, are they connected? There was nothing at all to suggest it, but it did raise a few eyebrows around the station. I think some people just watch too much TV.


Sayonara said...

Three dead bodies, and what's the common element at each scene?


I'm just saying...

Anonymous said...

And the fact that Plod will never solve the crime

CSI:UK said...

I had an alibi for everyone of them. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.