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Friday, 22 June 2007

Dream Job

Sorry about the lack of posts this week, had a few days away earlier in the week then all hell breaks loose on my return to work. I have been pulling some long shifts the past few days and the last thing I want to do when I finally have some time at home is write about work.

I have a real problem switching off at times, and if I go straight to bed after a Late or long shift I end up dreaming about work and then I feel like I have never left the place. I have tried to claim overtime for dreaming about jobs, but I've been told I get paid too much already.


Anonymous said...

would you like a hug? I'm pretty good at hugs and could probably sell them. I'll give you your first hug for free, just as a taster :o)


Anonymous said...

Fuck the lot of you fuckers!!!

Whichendbites? Whichendshits more like. Bastard.

One day I shall run the bloody Met!!!


Roses said...

I for one am completely confused by anonymous, but it could be that I'm really a bear with small brain.

I must admit, I've found blogging has been the best way to unload any angst.

I suppose you can't because the stuff that's bugging you is live. Hugs anyway.

CSI:UK said...

metcountymounty was seen yesterday in a white jacket with lots of buckles and no arms being bundled into a very comfortably furnished van. He is now officially on 'Special Leave'.

Anonymous said...

I was an experimental surgeon in Darwin, Northern Australia, during the second world war, when the Japanese bombed us.

We all steamed out of the hospital, but then one old matron turned around and started running back into the hospital and started shouting :"My teeth, I've forgotten my teeth!" and I had to grab her and drag and I said: "Come along nurse, they're dropping bombs, no sandwiches!"

Big White Horse!!!

One day I shall run the bloody Met!!

Bastard Blair!! The fucker!!


Anonymous said...

..and on the island of Midway last time, they told us we'd experience a five star tropical paradise and all we did all day long, was spend weeks shooting rats!!!

The fuckers!!!


Anonymous said...

...little squeaking fuckers !!!

Mr Mans Wife said...

I know what you mean about switching off. I used to need a good few hours to unwind before going to bed, even though I sometimes didn't get home until about 2am. I found listening to music and singing along loudly whilst baking bread helped :) My poor neighbours.