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Thursday, 5 July 2007

Posing for the Press.

One of the disadvantages of a major scene for any Police Officer or Staff is the unwanted attention of the Press. Making the front page of the Local paper guarding or working at a scene may very well expose your vocation to people you'd rather not know, especially if you live near some local scroaty types. Luckily for me most Photographers wait until we are wearing our white suits and masks before snapping away as this looks more sensational. Some of my colleagues love it though and make the extra effort to pose for the cameras. To be honest if you talk to Press Photographers and ask them not to get your face in the picture, they are usually okay as long as you give them a couple of 'shots'(darhling!)

All this half arsed terrorism we have been having lately reminded me of my debut on the front page of the Local Rag. I was at the scene of a 'Controlled Explosion' when the press turned up, it wasn't a white suit type of scene, so I was there in my normal work clothes and exposed face! (on a bad hair day no less). The photo on the front page had two pictures, one of the vehicle in question and another of me and the Inspector talking to the two EOD officers (Bomb Squad). The opening lines to the report read something like 'These were the dramatic scenes after a quiet *insert town name* street was sealed off for Bomb Disposal experts........', then a caption under my picture saying, 'Police and Bomb Disposal officers discuss events as the drama unfolds.' The Drama was actually me directing, with the help of the Inspector, the 'Bomb Disposal Experts' to the nearest Greasy Cafe!


Sim said...

I find it easier to disarm bombs (i.e. Talkaative Sis's cooking) on a full stomach. Helps me think faster on my feet

Anonymous said...

I stop bad people doing bad things.

I'm a hero


Roses said...

Always need a good greasy spoon, especially after a good night out.

Gargoyle said...

We used to make the price of a recognisable photo or video footage in the media "a carton of Crownies" for the station. So not too many officers tried to be identified!

Interesting topic to discuss for my blog though - being an ex-cop on a building site!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm EOD police officers or IEDD Army officers? Not met are we?

CSI:UK said...

Anony.. I have not a clue what you are getting at?

Anonymous said...

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