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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Angel of Mercy

We in the Police business are a superstitious lot at times. Like the use of the 'Q' word instead of 'Quiet' for fear of the wheel falling off and hell breaking loose. There are people labeled 'Shit Magnets' for their uncanny ability to attract trouble and there are your 'Dr Deaths' who always have the mortally challenged gravitating towards their particular shift pattern.

Me, I'm an 'Angel of Mercy' apparently, I must have attended around about 30 - 35 potentially fatal RTCs (Road Traffic Collisions) out of those only three have died, one of which died before he crashed his car so technically that shouldn't count. Anyhow some of these 'collisions' have been pretty horrendous and occupants of which were very lucky to survive, so the upshot is, if your gonna have crash make sure its on my patch when I'm on duty. Alternatively Drive Safely :)


Mousie said...

We have Shit-magnets and Grim Reapers in A&E too. These people are guaranteed to have the busiest shifts, with the most trauma calls, most cardiac arrests and the sickest kids.

We also have the jammy gits whose shifts are invariably dead quiet, no matter how mental it was before they came on duty.

Me? I always seem to attract the mouthy buggers and the loons!

Gargoyle said...

Send me a copy of your shift roster, just in case!

By the way, I was frequently the shit magnet! I was the only guy in the SOCO unit with 3 arrests and a use of force report! Ah, the good old days!

Gargoyle said...

Hey, give us a few more photos too! We want colour, we want pics, we want pizzazz!!

CSI:UK said...

Thank you Gargoyle, you are my very own style guru.

Negative Result said...

Yep, after a blissful first 6 hours of the shift last evening, I muttered the Q-word to a PCSO in passing.
Within 5mins I was called to a serious aggravated burglary, and whilst on route about 5 other major immediate calls came out over the radio. O joy.