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Monday, 27 August 2007

Morning After

My long weekend off conveniently fell on a Bank Holiday weekend, so Fri, Sat, Sun and today have been like a holiday without using up precious Annual Leave days. Me and the Missus had a lovely camping trip, then did some shopping in town today spending all my hard earned Money. In two weeks time I'm off to the USA and Canada for a few weeks, so life is pretty exciting at present. We have been saving for a big holiday for ages so it felt like we hadn't been away for a while.

Unfortunately the work doesn't stop when I go off gallivanting, so here are a few guarantees of what tomorrow will bring.

  • There will be several Photo albums on my desk all requiring Statements and Exhibit Labels
  • Various Statement requests written on Post It notes on my desk which are needed urgently '..as the full file was due last week....'(how does that make it my problem!)
  • There will be a bag full of treated exhibits to enter into the Property System.
  • There will be a snotty note on my desk from my boss for something trivial I forgot to do before I went off duty last, like wash up or turn off my laptop.
  • A mysterious cup and paperwork will have been left on my desk from someone who came into the office for a 'chat'.
  • No working pens on my desk
  • There will be a huge list of emails to trawl through, the most useless of which are usually the ones from a) a person you have never met's invite to their retirement do, b) someone who you couldn't care less about finally dropping a spoglette c) some jargon filled email from IT stating the Earth will be down, so consult your Oracle during the downtime and soon you Server will be up??? and d) the most useless of all emails, a message from Witness Warnings, asking for my court availability from now until the end of time for a case I remember little about and no useful details have been included in the text.

On top of all this I sure there will be a deluge of jobs mostly from companies who have closed for the Bank Holiday and have returned to find they have been broken into. Of course they will all be demanding they be visited straight away so they can clear the mess up and continue trading. I think I feel a stomach bug coming on....................


Negative Result said...

Ahhh, you forgot the best e-mails of all... those sent by the Systems Administrator warning that your inbox is almost full.
Perhaps it wouldn't be quite so full if someone would stop sending crap automated warnings every minute I'm away from the office!

Sim said...

Ahh - that would be the out of office replies and general updates that would have sufficed on the message board.

Don't tell me - it's Monday tomorrow...