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Friday, 3 August 2007

Just Another Victim

I'm a statistic now! I'm a victim of Credit Card Fraud! Some bugger has been enjoying the high life in a Singapore Hotel on my bloody credit card details! Whilst he was drinking Champagne in a hot tub entertaining the local ladies for hire, I was putting in a days hard graft.

So today I have to phone the local station for a Crime Number. Fraud is an area of Police Work that I know little about, so I am not too sure on the chances of nailing this person are or indeed finding out how he came across my Credit Card details. If I had my way, I would be closing down the Hotel room, getting on the next flight to Singapore with my trusty case in hand and be 'Processing' the scene in no time. Of course in order to truly get into the mind of my offender, I would have to sample all the delights he did, on overtime as well!


Roses said...

My sympathies. Bloody cheek of it. Good luck with trying to get your requisition form filled out for your time in Singapore. After all, if you were on a cop show, you'd be flying out there to kick some arse.

Essy said...

Nice one CSI, blog that you're a victim of Creit Card fraud so your wife can see it, claim you're being sent there to investigate, whilst just going on a jolly to Singapore racking up charges on your credit card and your wife believes your story.

CSI:UK said...

Ssshhhhh! essy, you will give the game away!

Gargoyle said...

Yep... Had the same done to me! The very first time and only time I gave my credit card details over the internet (to get a MUSIC CD!) and I end up with a company in USA billing me every month for about 4 months before I started to realise, then bugger me, one in the UK did the same! It was only about $18 at a time, but was ropeable! More annoying was the bank's response... "Yeh, we'll send out a query, they usually stop if they aren't legit'." WHAT??? No InterPol? I want the FBI, The CIA, MI5!!!