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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Call of the Mild

Zephyr on another blog reminded me of the beauty of being on call for work. Unlike Zephyr I don't mind being on call, usually if I get called out it's to something decent and the troops are always happy to see me swagger through the scene Camera in one hand and Tickling stick in the other. I'll finish up in no time so they can scoot off get some hot refs and a sleep.

Now it's not nice being woken up in the middle of the night and getting re-called to work after you have already put in a late-shift, but if you have a decent scene to get you teeth stuck into and you know that your contribution will count in the whole scheme of things, then an interruption into your sleep pattern is a small price to pay. Plus you get paid overtime from the time you were woken up to the time you get back to bed.

However, we do get turned out to some shite jobs, that either didn't really require us or could have waited until the morning. Unfortunately when awoken out of a deep slumber you loose the ability to ask relevant and probing questions in order to determine whether it's worth leaving your pit for. Most of the time it's the Controller who phones you and they usually have no idea why you are required other than the Inspector has asked for you, so there must be a genuine reason. And then by the time you get out of bed and arrive at the scene, things have calmed down a bit and that messy scene covered in blood is actually a few spots on the doorstep of a pub exaggerated by whichever Officer first attended after getting caught up in the moment.

Controller - 'Hello its the Control Room here we need to turn you out'

ME - 'Urrgghh mmm urrr ......Mom? .......Err yes, Umm what for'

Controller - 'We've had an Arson and need you at the scene.'

ME - 'Err umm OK I'll be there as soon as I can.'

So I jump on my trusty steed and head off into the night! Arrive at the station like a bloodthirsty vampire only it's Coffee I crave, and guess what, I have to make my own!

Insp 'Ahh thanks for turning out, the scene's been closed since we last called you, but the officer has retrieved some evidence for you.'

ME 'Uhh Whaa Buhh.......'

Insp 'It's in the front office, gotta go very important see, toodles'

Constable in Front Office - 'Sorry mate, the Insp insisted you come to the scene before he even got there, turns out the petrol bomb didn't smash and the intended victim stamped on the wick and put it out. Now, have you got any Nylon bags?, and how to do you package these things?.....'

ME (dying a little inside) - 'Oh give it here, I'll do it for you, I'm out now, may as well earn my overtime..............mumblegrumblemuttter......'


Zephyr Brush said...

After a review a new criteria and procedure was recently been put in place to prevent unnecessary call outs where I work, unfortunately it doesn’t involve me turning my phone off.
To be fair it's been really good and a lot of the crap has been left until morning, however predictably it has also led to scenes we should have been called out to being also left.

Polly Paige said...

We do appreciate you, you know, and know we call you to a lot of crap but to be honest, its what we're often told to do...'must get soco...' despite common sense saying there's no point.

Anonymous said...

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