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Friday, 18 May 2007

Death to Ambition

A lot of people say to me 'I'd love to do your job, how do you get into something like that?' When explained to most people that you do have come into some very close contact with dead bodies, they seem to go off the idea and say how you must have a very strong stomach and 'oooh you must see some sights!'

I certainly have, I've been elbow deep in the chest cavity of a shooting victim in post mortems, I've searched the clothing of severely decomposed bodies, I've supported completely burnt bodies while they are x-rayed and I have even handled a decapitated cat! The truth of the matter is you never get used to it, it is always unpleasant, sure your professionalism takes over in these situations and there is a sense of familiarity when dealing with it, but it still never becomes routine.

My kudos goes out to Mortuary Assistants, Pathologists, Funeral Directors who must deal with it everyday like you or I would deal with a file. The latter having the extra burden of dealing with the grief also.

There are some that just can not deal at all, Police Doctors who have gagged, Detective Inspectors who always have a convenient phone call or meeting and new recruits who have turned white, I if I honest I don't blame them, if you don't have to, then don't.

All in all it's part of the job, but we, like other professionals who deal with death, are only human and one day it may all catch up with us, either that or we may develop unhealthy attachments to 'em.


Anonymous said...

Some interesting replies. I've seen the trick with the powder down the air vents but it was black fingerprint powder, even nastier stuff in my opinion. I'm told that a magna wand can cause serious hiccups to cassette tapes but not too sure about that. Regards from Powder Monkey

Mr Mans Wife said...

Ewww! It doesn't sound too different from the TV after all...