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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Best Intentions Speech.

OK I have every intention of keeping this blog up to date, there I said it !, so this time next year when this is the only post, no-one has commented and the loneliness that I dread is realised via the wonders of the internet, then I only have myself to blame.

Anyway the purpose of this blog is to act as a voice for the under-represented area of CSI/SOCO in the UK, whether I am the the Torch- Carrying Leader of this movement remains to be seen. I doubt it very much, it'll probably just be a platform for amusing whimsy and a place to air my moans and gripes. Either way it's exciting isn't it? I am a complete Blog Virgin and a Novice when it comes to these sort of 'tings, so please bear with me.

Lastly I'd like to thank PC Bloggs for being the inspiration to this blog, her relentless sarcasm and wit will be sound foundations for the future of this blog.


Gargoyle said...

Hey, I am the first to comment on a blog!

Good luck< I was a novice too, not too long ago, and my wife went through all the frustrating learning stuff, then passed all her knowledge to me...

I had it easy. Our family blog is Zingela

CSI:UK said...

Yay, someone finally left a comment. Thanks gargoyle.

Jamie said...

Look forward to reading

Mr Mans Wife said...

I can't tell you how excited I was to stumble across this blog! (through a comment that you left on Gadgets blog)

I look forward to reading. I'm just working my way through all of your posts now!