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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Sneer Trophies.

The other weekend the photocopier nearest our office had broken down (again!), so I found myself in the unfamiliar area of the 'Command Suite' using the 'never-fails-due-to being-underworked' all singing all dancing colour (gasp!) photocopier. It was eerily quiet down there during a weekend, not a soul walks by and I sense no life beyond the closed doors adorned with name-plaques and important titles.

Then I notice something I have never seen before, the trophy cabinet shining like a beacon of success in the corner of the corridor, shiny trinkets fight for space on it's laden glass shelves and I think 'Wow what a successful station we are, what have we won?, Force Football Titles?, Cricket Success?, National Police sport trophies?, Hockey?, Netball?, what?' I start to feel a sense of pride well up inside of me and I edge closer to the cabinet to get a glimpse of the etched wording on the surface of such reflective souvenirs that represent local greatness, my mind wonders to the lavish ceremonies where such relics are handed out and I wonder why I have never been invited (on Overtime of course) to photograph such events.

Then I find my answer, these trophies do not represent great sporting achievements at all, there are no gold medals from the Police Olympics, there isn't even one for the egg and spoon race. Instead the trophies and plaques read 'Best Call Handling Operations Centre August 07', 'Best Detection Rates June 2006', ' Best performing station Sept-Dec '07'. There was even a certificate for our Office! - 'Best Performing Police Staff Dept 2007' (tied with Personnel and Admin) it goes on to list the criteria this is based on - Receiving Phone calls, answering and clearing voicemails, attendance!! I could just imagine my acceptance speech ' I would like to thank the phones for making annoying sounds when some one is ringing, without which all of this could not be possible, I would like to thank my colleagues for doing the same and for turning up everyday.........'

When did we start rewarding mediocrity? What is point of receiving such adulation for turning up and doing what you are paid to do. These awards took no effort at all to gain other than doing the job you are asked and indeed paid to do! Why don't we actually concentrate on rewarding hard work that goes beyond our contracts of employment? What is there to inspire you to do better or work harder when coasting along brings such rewards. Now it's nice to have your work noticed and be thanked for it, but handing out trophies for menial day to day tasks doesn't help anyone and highlights the absence of good line supervision and management.

Right I'm off to polish my 'Makes a nice cup of tea' plaque.


Emma said...

Hear hear!! There is far too much of it nowadays..xx

PCSO Bloggs said...

Quite right. Top blog.

Roses said...

While you're at it, don't forget to polish your trophy for 'Best Crime Scene Photo Montage 2008' or your plaque: 'Best Spatter Pattern in a Domestic 2007'.

thinblueline said...

turn up for work medal ?

virtual said...

WOW, Wait a Moment! ! !

If we fail to recognize those small success's, how are going to motivate those resources that need to be able to perform effectively when they are in a position to make a difference?

No credit should be denied when it’s due, that is just petty. It is too easy these days for people to self focus and ignore the valuable contribution made by others, even though, some of those others, may not distil test tubes, enhance video from covert CCTV, compare fractal images derived from the mathematical fingerprint swirl attributes on a database of millions of fingerprints.

Some people have to issue the helmet Plates (the old ones had an error and had to be replaced), some people need to issue each officer with a plastic clip that will attach to the Body Armour (but not all body armour is applicable as anything issued before 2007 has no attachment point anyway) to allow the name tag to be worn properly when in the public eye.

Despotism may be dead in today’s police force, but if my boss does not get his cup of tea exactly the way he likes within 5 seconds off getting into the office, my life is sh1t for the rest of the day. It pays to reward even the smallest detail when due, makes a girl feel all wonderful and I will work happily helping people in our County feel safer.

Virtual Supply

CSI:UK said...

Virtual, I agree that good work, however insignificant it may seem, needs to be recognised, but handing out trophies and certificates is taking it one step too far and seems to me more of an empty gestured management ploy than any genuine token of gratitude.