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Monday, 10 September 2007


Mr Monroe doesn't speak much, it hurts to do so. Mr Monroe is in his late 70s and has terminal Lung Cancer, he trys not to talk too much, it leaves him breathless and in need of a sit down.

Only when I arrive on his doorstep I can't shut him up, neither can his visibly worried wife of 50 years. Mr Munroe is explaining that some men have visited and taken £300 of cash from his house, pretending to be from the water board, and he wants to, no, he needs to tell me what happened as well as walk around the house to show me all the areas these lowlifes have been. Only when he has finished does he sit down and catch his breath.

He he angry?, not really, in fact he is very happy that I have taken the trouble to come see him and he is eager to tell me all that happened. You see Mr Munroe feels it is his fault that he as allowed himself to be conned, he has read all about these incidents in the papers and seen the warning on the telly, yet he feels partially to blame for allowing 3 grown men access to his house to distract and confuse him.

I hate these kind of jobs they piss me off more than anything else I have to deal with.

This is my last post for a few weeks, I'm going away and not a minute too soon.


Gargoyle said...

You are the therapist... the first officer at the scene who is allowed the luxury of time. The others before you probably even told him they couldn't sit there all day an listen to him whine!
Also, your ear is the greatest investigating tool you have. There will be some tiny, insignificant piece of information in that protracted monologue that will be the key to finding the offender...
It's up to you to find it!

Mousie said...

Good on you for doing what you do and fighting the good fight against scumbags like them.

Roses said...

Hope you have a good time away. Don't even think about your inbox.

Mr Mans Wife said...

That poor man (and his wife) :(

Enjoy your break away.

Anonymous said...

Gargoyle, I disagree. At the vast majority of jobs I attend, I am with you in the whole, sorry not enough time to sit and chat, but with this type of job I am willing to sit and chat for as long as I feel is needed to reassure the poor sod who has had his biscuit tin full of money swiped. I have told the control room I am not prepared to leave just to go and see one of our regular scratters who have had there latest giro nicked by there darling burglar son who does it every month or so. some jobs deserve and get the extra treatment.

metcountymounty said...

F*ck off and don't come back!


busybizzie said...

Yeah - you're shit and you know you are