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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Fly Tipping

Ooops it been a while, are you still there? Ok a mixture work/home commitments, the release of Grand Theft Auto IV and a lack of enthusiasm in general for my job for one reason or another have led to a bit of a lull in proceedings. Problem is I'm not getting regular flashes of inspiration during work that can transfer easily to amusing musings on this 'ere blog. I will try my best in future but I have less time nowadays to sit down and write.

Anyway, a thing occurred to me the other day whilst crouching over a three week old decomposed body of a local junkie in his flat, it's amazing how flies in their hundreds will find their way into any room with rotting meat inside and deposit their eggs. Even a huge industrial fridge that had been shut off by workmen over a long weekend, who had cut electricity cables to a small unit leaving it without an a larm and power. Amazingly these little blighters (the flies) found their way into the sealed fridge and were hanging around the meat like...well like flies on shit.

What bothers me about this is, a fly comes into your kitchen on a hot summer's day through an open door, and can the bastard find his way out? No, there he is repeatedly banging his head against the glass panel of the open door! Maybe my kitchen is just like the Island on 'Lost', they are drawn there by some magnetic force and there is an invisible barrier preventing them from leaving.


PCSO Bloggs said...

Good to see you back, missed you :)

Flay spray...works wonders.

Roses said...

I seem to have a plague of fruit flies in my flat at the moment, perhaps I have the corpse of a banana secreted away somewhere?

Fies can get into sealed fridges? That's just scary.

Welcome back.

Sim said...

Are you back back or are you Grand Theft Autoing still?

And did anyone else see the Body Farm when they did a documentary on C5? Indiana Jones hated snakes - for me, it's the flies...

CSI:UK said...

Sort of back, although I have less time at the moment for posting and it's not because of GTA unfortunately.

I have seen that body farm thingy before, I have done something similar with a 2 week old dead pig though. Smelly!

Metcountymounty said...

Hello, you cunt

Area Trace No Search said...

You still about and ok mate?

PC Plastic Fuzz said...

Where have you gone mate???

adrian said...

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