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Monday, 24 December 2007

Happy Christmas

Well, I have managed to keep this blog going longer than I thought and that is down to you good people dropping by every once in a while and leaving nice comments. So Happy Christmas to you and yours and I hope enjoy yourselves whatever your plans are.

Thankfully I'm not working this Christmas, so I'll miss out on the inevitable Suicides, crying kids (whose presents have been nicked by Billy Burglar) and the droves of Officers who say 'Oh!, I didn't know you worked on Christmas Day!, can you just check this.....'. Go away I'm trying to get all my work done so I can sneak off early!!

Anyway until the New Year have a good 'un and if you are working have a 'q' un! HAPPY CHRISTMAS!


Emma said...

Happy christmas to you too, I have just found you and I am enjoying your blog, I hope to catch up with your archives over the next couple of days..xx I will also add you to mine

Roses said...

Have a good Christmas. It's been great hanging out here with you in blogland.

CSI Pieami said...

Yeah good for you..
I, on the other hand am keeping one ear open for the phone to ring tonight as I'm On Call.. and am also working X-mas day.
It does take the "Merry" out of Christmas somewhat..

Inspector Gadget said...

Merry Christmas

CresceNet said...

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